Enclosures are just as unique as your projects

by Jerry Townson 6. April 2016 12:28

Here at General Technics we specialize in building custom systems. Enclosures are just as unique as your projects. Every system is hand-built and every detail is double checked by our expert senior technicians for accuracy and quality before moving into the setup and testingphase.

Our team focuses on quality from start to finish. No system leaves our facility without first being fully qualified and tested.  Our expert technicians will take the time to install and update the proper drivers for your hardware configuration.  This takes the guesswork out of your computer installation, and ensures that each system arrives fully prepared for its intended service.

Upon request, any custom system or software may be pre-installed and additional setup procedures may be performed to prepare your systems for delivery and installation in the field. We will pre-install the operating system and configure it immediate deployment at the destination.  

Additionally, if there is any application specific software that needs to be installed and configured, we can fully prepare and test those as well according to your guidelines and instructions. Allowing General Technics to manage the complete integration and setup saves your team or technicians valuable time, eliminates any setup errors you may encounter, and ensures that each system meets our high standards for quality.  Your machines will arrive clean, fingerprint-free, fully tested, and ready to be powered on for service.

If you’re not certain everything involved or what you may require for your system, the experts at General Technics can help you figure it out. Utilize our experts and put their experience to work for you and see what develops!


Call today and see how General Technics can streamline your setup, eliminate errors, and reduce your labor costs at installation.




GT Performance 2U Server 222

by Jerry Townson 27. January 2016 21:27

General Technics is your partner in Custom Enclosures and rackmount servers.  We provide rackmount accessories along with industrial technology and everything else you need to get the most out of your computing business.  Explore our products and see for yourself the wide variety and quality that General Technics provides.  General Technics delivers superior quality solutions through our commitment to quality manufacturing and excellent customer support. Our versatile sales team is available Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm EST to customize the perfect system for your business needs.   


General Technics is a manufacturer with over three decades of proven success. General Technics has built a reputation for delivering affordable quality solutions.  Our proven track record is reflected in our impressive customer list including government agencies, educational institutions, as well as small and midsize enterprises. 


General Technics (GTweb.netis a recognized leader that manufacturers high performance Rackmount PC products and Rack Servers for the enterprise and industrial/commercial applications. General Technics rack computer servers are built and designed to meet your exact needs. General Technics offer an extensive range of rack computer products and sizes. General Technics space saving rack servers are built utilizing high performance ATX (Advanced Technology extended) motherboards or passive backplane and single board computer configurations with expansion slot counts available from 1 slot up to 20 PCI, PCIe and ISA open slots.


Take a look at our featured product of the month.  General Technics is highlighting a more advanced system GT Performance 2U Server 222.  We have a Dual Socket 2U Intel® Server with 8hotswap bays.  Our Intel® R2208GZ4GC Server Platform with a S2600GZ board and quad gigabit Lan, 2 Xeon™ E5-2609 CPUs, 16GB ECC RAM, 120GB SSD, and Windows Server 2012 R2.


Custom Chassis Design

by Jerry Townson 12. November 2015 21:50

General Technics is the clear choice for industrial computer solutions.  We carry a wide variety of rackmount servers that feature incredible quality, power, speed, form diversity and most of all reliability.  We have the resources and experience necessary to bring your project to the market quickly.  Our company is competitive with custom manufacturing without eliminating quality or raising costs.  We can help you meet the challenge with innovative design, technical assistance, and continuous support. 

Our sales team is knowledgeable and experienced.  We handle designing and engineering in-house.   We are capable of high volume assembly.  General Technics offers extended support and repair services with over 30 years of experience.


General Technics GSA schedule allow us to sell directly to government agencies and prime contractors.  For more information, special pricing, and assistance with GSA sales please click here to go to that page of our site. 


General Technics custom rackmount chassis are manufactured and optimized to your specifications.   Our engineers are able to maximize internal/removable storage including depth and height while insuring all components are properly cooled and accessible.  We are able to easily secure simple mounting for proprietary parts.  Our layouts are self-explanatory with tie-down points included.  Your custom controls and panel cutouts are readily accommodated.  Sensitive components are protected against shock and vibration as well as harsh environments.  Removable air filters keep incoming air clean.  We are able to match for color and appearance of existing hardware for that sleek look you are looking for.  Let us silkscreen your brand and artwork as an option for customization.

When manufacturing our custom rackmount chassis we typically use 1.0 or 1.2mm thick (20 or 18ga) electrogalvanized steel sheet that are protected with a baked-on polymer resin paint. For a bright corrosion resistant finish, we often use nickel-chromium plating to protect interior bracketry and rear panels. Heavier and thicker materials are used for support brackets and frame components to enhance ruggedness. If your goal is to minimize weight, aluminum can be used as an alternative.


Send us your request and design criteria. Our engineers will review the project specifications and will request other specific details if necessary.  Shortly afterward, an overview sketch will be provided for your approval. Pending your approval, with all of the necessary details in place, we can begin detailing the design to produce drawings for manufacturing. 


We look forward to helping to bring your next project off of the drawing board and into your customer’s hands. We take pride in creating the highest quality computer chassis and systems. Contact us today and let General Technics design, manufacture, and assemble a custom computer solution optimized for your application.  Your Rack Mount Server Solution Provider, General Technics



SATA Express: what is it and how will it change computing?

by Jerry Townson 1. August 2014 18:44

SATA Express is a mechanical specification for a new type of connector able to mate with SATA cables and the newer PCIe devices. These devices connect systems via the respective cables to 2.5 inch drives. Transitioning to a new interface can be rough in an industry filled with fast-paced changes. Supporting both SATA and PCIe signaling, SATA Express was designed to provide a common connector for both OEMs and system vendors.

The technology effectively enables SATA connectors to support the higher data rates of PCIe. It is also intended to reduce the labor and cost aspects of transitioning to PCIe devices. While SATA devices run at a 550 MB/s maximum, PCIe Gen2 x2 devices support up to 900 MB/s and PCIe Gen3 x2 products up to 1,800 MB/s. The alternative specification also provides a more power-efficient solution.

Benefits of SATA Express over Previous Technologies

Originally intended to manage spinning disks, SATA later evolved to support disks with an Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI). This allowed for features like multi-threading and hot-swapping. Today, solid state storage is the preferred medium and the processing power used for memory management and security requires an even more advanced technology. The newer Non Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol is a newer protocol designed to work with PCIe based solid state drives to unlock their full potential. SATA Express will support both technologies.

The new standard has a few benefits:

      Scalability – Connectors and drives supporting SATA Express will scale seamlessly with future upgrades as newer faster storage devices are released.

      Speed – The possibility exists for drives to run 4-5x faster than today’s high-end storage systems.

      Unified protocol – The potential for adapters connecting either SATA based SSDs or PCIe based SSD’s with SATA Express connector devices, now that both types of signaling are supported.

      More efficient use of solid state storage when newer PCIe based devices supporting the NVMe protocol are available.

The SATA Express specification addresses the performance and strict energy-saving needs of the current computing industry. It will impact end users, manufacturers, vendors, and others in the PC market.

Importance and Advantages of ECC RAM

by Jerry Townson 23. April 2014 12:58

A popular choice for computers systems with valuable data, ECC RAM is able to detect and then correct potentially damaging memory errors. Random Access Memory (RAM) is common in computers and servers which perform mission critical tasks or need to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Error Correction Code (ECC) RAM features one additional chip on the bank of eight memory chips found on a standard RAM stick. The extra memory chip functions as a detection mechanism for errors. ECC is based on parity, an extra bit added to the 8-bit binary memory blocks of standard RAM. Errors and corruptions can then be immediately detected and and corrected on the fly.

Advantages of ECC RAM

With ECC RAM there is a much lower risk of system failure due to instability caused by memory errors. Computer systems and servers with high-value data and applications benefit the most. While ECC RAM is more stable and reliable, it is not in complete opposition to non-ECC RAM. Many experts say standard non-ECC RAM is still stable enough for typical systems such as home and some work computers.

The decrease in failure incidents and consistent performance is what makes ECC RAM a compelling option. It serves to protect the integrity of critical computing applications and greatly reduces chances of operating system crashes caused by memory errors.

Overall, ECC RAM makes sure high-value data is persistently stable and error-free. Feel free to contact us today for more information.



Benefits of Using NUC for a Home Theater PC and Media Center PC

by Jerry Townson 23. April 2014 12:45

The Intel® NUC measures 4.59 x 4.41 x 1.36 inches. It’s tiny but has a 4th generation Intel Core™ processor (i5 or i7), up to 16 GB DDR3-1600 memory, and Intel HD Graphics 5000. It’s small size, customizable components, and quiet operation make the system ideal for home theater and media center PCs.

The product’s benefits lie in its advanced features, which include:

Video Interfaces

  • Mini HDMI and Mini Display Port interfaces support many home or even small office theater/media applications.

Powerful Graphics Processor

  • High-quality graphics and high performance are supported and allow for great video playback and game play.

Ease of Connectivity

  • In addition to the video ports, the unit has two USB ports on the rear panel and four USB 3.0 ports in all, plus a LAN port. An optional internal card can add up to 802.11ac Gigabit Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Inside the tiny case an mSATA SSD up to 1TB in size is supported, so there’s certainly enough room to support full length movies and benefit from reliable performance.

Popular Operating System

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be included. Users therefore have a familiar interface to drive their home theater or media center from.

Optional VESA mounting kit included

  • The NUC includes a VESA mounting bracket. This allows it to be cleanly mounted to the back of many monitors or TV’s which have VESA mounting holes. This keeps the NUC completely out of sight if desired.

Built for Simple Connections

  • Featuring Intel Smart Connect Technology, the NUC is quick to set up and allows for instant content updates and cloud connectivity.

All of these features make the NUC a great option for driving a home theater system. Its media capabilities and small size yield an incredibly powerful product. Space is no longer a concern as it has been with bulky media computers of the past. Order your NUC today by clicking here.



What is GPU Computing?

by Jerry Townson 12. April 2014 16:11

Used in offices and data centers around the world, GPU computing can speed up the performance of certain tasks and applications. A graphics processing unit (GPU) has many elements called cores; there are thousands of them, making the system more efficient in handling certain types of applications. By comparison, a central processing unit (CPU) features just a few powerful cores. While able to handle any general computing task, is not always the most efficient.


What’s the Secret to the GPU’s Power?


Most computer code still runs on the CPU. Some applications however are highly parallel in nature, and these parts of an application which require a lot of computing power can be directed away from the processor to the GPU. The result is less work for the CPU to perform. Graphics acceleration involves the processing of those parallel workloads on the thousands of processing cores inside the GPU. For the user, this simply means complex applications can run faster.


The use of GPU acceleration has cut the time needed for many computing intensive tasks. These include software development, programming, data analysis, simulations, business intelligence, 3d rendering and video encoding.


General Technics Provides Fast and Reliable Computing Systems


GPU acceleration is becoming more commonplace in all kinds of businesses. It can be used in high-performance servers, workstations, ruggedized laptops, and even desktops. You may have applications that can benefit GPU acceleration, thus saving you both time and money.


For more information, please contact us.


The General Technics Rhinobook - Built for Durability So You Can Take Your Business Anywhere

by Camille 3. April 2014 12:52

The newest members of the General Technics family of RhinoBooks™, the RB500 Series, have been updated with Intel's® high-performance Haswell platform.  They now support the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors for increased performance and power efficiency.  This means you'll get even longer battery life while running the demanding applications you need, all with the same rugged durability to take your work with you.  Like the earlier models, the RhinoBook™ RB500 Series rugged laptops are designed to survive drops, shocks, vibration and spills.


See how a new General Technics RhinoBook™ can take your business anywhere:





by Jerry Townson 16. January 2014 18:25

The hard-drive industry has been eyeing helium since the 1970s, but no company was ever able to make it work because helium has a tendency to leak out of whatever container it’s placed inside (the same phenomenon that causes birthday balloons to droop a few days after a celebration). The result for a helium-filled hard drive is more serious: it will stop working. But with Western Digital HGST announcing in November that it had perfected a 6TB hard drive filled with helium, those days appear to be behind us.

The new HGST 6TB hard drive is comparable in physical form factor to the 4TB drives currently on the market. In fact, it’s 38% lighter and uses 23% less power. But in that space are seven platters instead of the typical five seen in a typical HGST Ultrastar 4TB drive, increasing storage capacity by 50% without commanding a corresponding increase in size. This makes the new 6TB drives a fantastic choice for anyone responsible for the administration of an enterprise server, NAS, or any other system that will be running or storing large amounts of data.

What does all this mean for the end user and what should you do about it?

The 6TB models are not being sold OEM to home computer users. They are intended for users of business, enterprise, and industrial computers, who will buy in bulk as part of a larger storage solution.

One possible scenario where helium-filled hard drives can benefit you: Your business is expanding faster than the room your company’s data is stored in and the terms of your lease won’t let you knock down a wall, so you simply don’t have the power to take on any more new business. If you’re in this situation, helium-filled hard drives are a godsend. Replacing every hard drive in your data center with 6TB helium drives will give you a bare minimum of 50% more breathing room for future expansion, probably more, and they’ll fit into your existing 4U rackmount chassis. As always, you can contact us with questions about your specific situation.

Solid State Drives' Price/Perfomance Ratio at All-Time High

by Jerry Townson 9. December 2013 18:02

What’s the situation?

Solid state drives, or SSDs, are a fairly recent innovation in the data storage market. The few consumer SSDs available were flatly inferior to traditional fixed-disk storage drives until just a few years ago. Today, however, an SSD is one of the best investments you can make in improving your computer’s performance.

The first thing the end user will notice about an SSD is the sound. Fixed disks are noisy, as seeking data requires physical spinning of the disk. SSDs are silent. That alone is a great improvement, but by far the biggest difference between solid state media and disk media is the speed of data access. Unlike fixed-disk drives, which have a limited amount of physical space near the read/write heads and can only store a fraction of their data capacity there, SSDs use the same technology as USB flash drives to access all of their data at incredible speeds, so time-consuming defragmentation is not as necessary. The increased data access rate dramatically improves the efficiency of everyday tasks, particularly if the operating system is installed on the SSD, this can result in much faster boot-up times!

SSDs are also a great choice for mobile users looking for a more rugged laptop or notebook, since their lack of moving parts makes them durable, lightweight and quiet, and they fit into a small form factor case or a portable computer. For a reliable, portable solution that won’t use up much power, an SSD is a great improvement over a fixed disk, especially if you need to use your portable computer in a dangerous environment. An accidental drop of a foot or two means much less to an SSD than an easily broken fixed disk.

What does all this mean for the end user and what should I do about it?

If your computer is running slowly and nothing short of upgrading your hardware will solve it, besides adding RAM-  an SSD is a fantastic investment.  In short, if you want to see improved performance and reliability all while using less power- and all in a smaller, quieter  and much more  rugged form factor- then it really make sense  to go with  an SSD.  You may even consider adding an SSD along with your standard hard drive.  Install your operating system and programs that you use most frequently on the SSD, and keep larger files on your existing hard drive.  Even a small form factor chassis will accommodate both a standard hard drive and an SSD.  Our preferred brands are Intel and Samsung, whose products consistently come out ahead in performance tests. As always, you can contact us with questions about your specific situation.