Introducing General Technics 3U Quiet ATX Rackmount Chassis

by Jerry Townson 5. March 2013 15:20


General Technics introduces an innovative Rackmount Chassis, brilliantly designed to be cool,

 compact and ultra-quiet.


This supremely designed chassishas the largest functional capacity for a system its size coupled with nearly

silent operation.

Ultra-quiet, compact and adaptable, this is ideal for workstation, home theater and DVR applications.


Though only 3U high, and 16 inches deep, it supports up to five removable drives, a slim optical drive, and

three internal drives.


Nearly Silent Operation: 

In environments where noise level is critical, nothing is quieter than this ultra quiet 3U rackmount chassis.

 To keep hard drives healthy and cool, three unique internal mounts suspend them in the path of fresh air 

flowing through the system- add to this an ultra-quiet fan and a “silent” power supply. If not for the power 

LED, you would have to put your ear right next to this system to tell if it were on. It features an "Ultra Quiet" 

case fan. Even at maximum speed, this amazing fan runs below a whisper at only 24.7 dBA. But, when throttled

 by the system board, it will cool the system inaudibly, below 10 dBA. Coupled with a "silent" Seasonic power

 supply, rated at only 22 dBA, this system is among the quietest available.

 This small chassis supports any micro-ATX board and up to four full length PCI cards. There are two USB 2.0 

ports on the front IO panel. The lockable door protects drives and controls, and opens wide enough for any style 

removable drive. Mounting for a vertical slot-loading slim optical drive is standard, freeing up valuable space

 for other devices. The standard system comes with two 5.25" bays, and one 3.5" bay, but many other 

combinations are possible. 

Customize the chassis with six removable panels for additional IO or silkscreened logos. 

Smart Add-On Options (