The Benefits of Rugged Laptops

by Jerry Townson 26. September 2013 20:01

It would be nice if all the computing we needed to do could be done in a comfortable, climate-controlled room, away from harsh conditions or potential accidents that could befall our valuable equipment. In the real world, however, we often need to lug our laptops out to work sites or into questionable weather.  If you need a laptop that can handle the elements and not miss a beat, a rugged laptop could be the ideal choice for you.

Rugged laptops are designed to take almost anything that nature, weather, and human clumsiness can dish out. A semi-rugged laptop such as the RhinoBookIntelCorei7-620MSSD has a case that can withstand most drops, vibrations, shocks, and even spills.   So, when you’re traveling, working at a job site, or just carrying your laptop from place to place, your business data is safe and secure.  A rugged or semi-rugged laptop is resistant to the problems that  dust, dirt, mud, rain, and spills can cause, which means less downtime for you.

Worried that a rugged laptop could be lacking in power and performance? Our selection of rugged and semi-rugged laptops have large hard drives, plenty of RAM, strong processors, WiFi capabilities, and even built-in webcams for on-the-go video conferencing. Many are also available with Bluetooth. In today’s high-tech environment, those who opt for rugged laptops no longer have to compromise on functionality in order to enjoy durability that can handle a variety of hazards.

Rugged laptops allow modern workers to take their computing to the field without worrying about what might happen to their hardware. These laptops are great for those who work in forestry or nature positions, firefighting jobs, construction sites, and military deployments. They’re also ideal for people who work on boats or oil rigs, and they are perfectly suited for individuals who are constantly on the road or working out of their cars. Even in today’s busy office environment, a rugged or semi-rugged laptop can be a good choice to help staffers avoid damage caused by food or drink spills, drops and other in-house mishaps.

Preserving your business data is job number one, and a rugged laptop can be your most effective partner in achieving that goal. As valuable as your information is, there’s really no reason NOT to consider a rugged or semi-rugged laptop.

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Compact 2U Rack Chassis Systems

by Jerry Townson 19. September 2013 10:35

Did you know that even if you’re working with limited space, you can get the performance you need in a compact rack case? For instance, General Technics, Inc. stocks a compact 2U rack case for those tight spaces, and they come in a variety of models and prices.

Our GT214 model measures a mere 20.5 inches deep, but don’t let the compact size fool you. With it’s 2TB Data Drive, full size ATX board and support for 4 hard drives on shock resistant mounting, this chassis could be just what you need. This system boasts 12 GB of storage, a 460 watt power supply with one 5.25” and one 3.5” bay, and 3 card slots with a modular riser card system.  Now there’s performance in a compact system!

When you visit our website, you can use our interactive slider tool to help you decide which rack case will suit your needs. A photo and full description accompanies each model so you’ll be able to easily choose the one that works for you.

We can also customize a 2U rack case for you with additional drives and RAID setups. Give us a call at 800-487-2538 or email us at and one of our experienced sales technicians can help you build the perfect system.