Compact 2U Rack Chassis Systems

by Jerry Townson 19. September 2013 10:35

Did you know that even if you’re working with limited space, you can get the performance you need in a compact rack case? For instance, General Technics, Inc. stocks a compact 2U rack case for those tight spaces, and they come in a variety of models and prices.

Our GT214 model measures a mere 20.5 inches deep, but don’t let the compact size fool you. With it’s 2TB Data Drive, full size ATX board and support for 4 hard drives on shock resistant mounting, this chassis could be just what you need. This system boasts 12 GB of storage, a 460 watt power supply with one 5.25” and one 3.5” bay, and 3 card slots with a modular riser card system.  Now there’s performance in a compact system!

When you visit our website, you can use our interactive slider tool to help you decide which rack case will suit your needs. A photo and full description accompanies each model so you’ll be able to easily choose the one that works for you.

We can also customize a 2U rack case for you with additional drives and RAID setups. Give us a call at 800-487-2538 or email us at and one of our experienced sales technicians can help you build the perfect system.