Enclosures are just as unique as your projects

by Jerry Townson 6. April 2016 12:28

Here at General Technics we specialize in building custom systems. Enclosures are just as unique as your projects. Every system is hand-built and every detail is double checked by our expert senior technicians for accuracy and quality before moving into the setup and testingphase.

Our team focuses on quality from start to finish. No system leaves our facility without first being fully qualified and tested.  Our expert technicians will take the time to install and update the proper drivers for your hardware configuration.  This takes the guesswork out of your computer installation, and ensures that each system arrives fully prepared for its intended service.

Upon request, any custom system or software may be pre-installed and additional setup procedures may be performed to prepare your systems for delivery and installation in the field. We will pre-install the operating system and configure it immediate deployment at the destination.  

Additionally, if there is any application specific software that needs to be installed and configured, we can fully prepare and test those as well according to your guidelines and instructions. Allowing General Technics to manage the complete integration and setup saves your team or technicians valuable time, eliminates any setup errors you may encounter, and ensures that each system meets our high standards for quality.  Your machines will arrive clean, fingerprint-free, fully tested, and ready to be powered on for service.

If you’re not certain everything involved or what you may require for your system, the experts at General Technics can help you figure it out. Utilize our experts and put their experience to work for you and see what develops!


Call today and see how General Technics can streamline your setup, eliminate errors, and reduce your labor costs at installation.




GT Performance 2U Server 222

by Jerry Townson 27. January 2016 21:27

General Technics is your partner in Custom Enclosures and rackmount servers.  We provide rackmount accessories along with industrial technology and everything else you need to get the most out of your computing business.  Explore our products and see for yourself the wide variety and quality that General Technics provides.  General Technics delivers superior quality solutions through our commitment to quality manufacturing and excellent customer support. Our versatile sales team is available Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm EST to customize the perfect system for your business needs.   


General Technics is a manufacturer with over three decades of proven success. General Technics has built a reputation for delivering affordable quality solutions.  Our proven track record is reflected in our impressive customer list including government agencies, educational institutions, as well as small and midsize enterprises. 


General Technics (GTweb.netis a recognized leader that manufacturers high performance Rackmount PC products and Rack Servers for the enterprise and industrial/commercial applications. General Technics rack computer servers are built and designed to meet your exact needs. General Technics offer an extensive range of rack computer products and sizes. General Technics space saving rack servers are built utilizing high performance ATX (Advanced Technology extended) motherboards or passive backplane and single board computer configurations with expansion slot counts available from 1 slot up to 20 PCI, PCIe and ISA open slots.


Take a look at our featured product of the month.  General Technics is highlighting a more advanced system GT Performance 2U Server 222.  We have a Dual Socket 2U Intel® Server with 8hotswap bays.  Our Intel® R2208GZ4GC Server Platform with a S2600GZ board and quad gigabit Lan, 2 Xeon™ E5-2609 CPUs, 16GB ECC RAM, 120GB SSD, and Windows Server 2012 R2.