Enclosures are just as unique as your projects

by Jerry Townson 6. April 2016 12:28

Here at General Technics we specialize in building custom systems. Enclosures are just as unique as your projects. Every system is hand-built and every detail is double checked by our expert senior technicians for accuracy and quality before moving into the setup and testingphase.

Our team focuses on quality from start to finish. No system leaves our facility without first being fully qualified and tested.  Our expert technicians will take the time to install and update the proper drivers for your hardware configuration.  This takes the guesswork out of your computer installation, and ensures that each system arrives fully prepared for its intended service.

Upon request, any custom system or software may be pre-installed and additional setup procedures may be performed to prepare your systems for delivery and installation in the field. We will pre-install the operating system and configure it immediate deployment at the destination.  

Additionally, if there is any application specific software that needs to be installed and configured, we can fully prepare and test those as well according to your guidelines and instructions. Allowing General Technics to manage the complete integration and setup saves your team or technicians valuable time, eliminates any setup errors you may encounter, and ensures that each system meets our high standards for quality.  Your machines will arrive clean, fingerprint-free, fully tested, and ready to be powered on for service.

If you’re not certain everything involved or what you may require for your system, the experts at General Technics can help you figure it out. Utilize our experts and put their experience to work for you and see what develops!


Call today and see how General Technics can streamline your setup, eliminate errors, and reduce your labor costs at installation.




Custom Chassis Design

by Jerry Townson 12. November 2015 21:50

General Technics is the clear choice for industrial computer solutions.  We carry a wide variety of rackmount servers that feature incredible quality, power, speed, form diversity and most of all reliability.  We have the resources and experience necessary to bring your project to the market quickly.  Our company is competitive with custom manufacturing without eliminating quality or raising costs.  We can help you meet the challenge with innovative design, technical assistance, and continuous support. 

Our sales team is knowledgeable and experienced.  We handle designing and engineering in-house.   We are capable of high volume assembly.  General Technics offers extended support and repair services with over 30 years of experience.


General Technics GSA schedule allow us to sell directly to government agencies and prime contractors.  For more information, special pricing, and assistance with GSA sales please click here to go to that page of our site. 


General Technics custom rackmount chassis are manufactured and optimized to your specifications.   Our engineers are able to maximize internal/removable storage including depth and height while insuring all components are properly cooled and accessible.  We are able to easily secure simple mounting for proprietary parts.  Our layouts are self-explanatory with tie-down points included.  Your custom controls and panel cutouts are readily accommodated.  Sensitive components are protected against shock and vibration as well as harsh environments.  Removable air filters keep incoming air clean.  We are able to match for color and appearance of existing hardware for that sleek look you are looking for.  Let us silkscreen your brand and artwork as an option for customization.

When manufacturing our custom rackmount chassis we typically use 1.0 or 1.2mm thick (20 or 18ga) electrogalvanized steel sheet that are protected with a baked-on polymer resin paint. For a bright corrosion resistant finish, we often use nickel-chromium plating to protect interior bracketry and rear panels. Heavier and thicker materials are used for support brackets and frame components to enhance ruggedness. If your goal is to minimize weight, aluminum can be used as an alternative.


Send us your request and design criteria. Our engineers will review the project specifications and will request other specific details if necessary.  Shortly afterward, an overview sketch will be provided for your approval. Pending your approval, with all of the necessary details in place, we can begin detailing the design to produce drawings for manufacturing. 


We look forward to helping to bring your next project off of the drawing board and into your customer’s hands. We take pride in creating the highest quality computer chassis and systems. Contact us today and let General Technics design, manufacture, and assemble a custom computer solution optimized for your application.  Your Rack Mount Server Solution Provider, General Technics