Enclosures are just as unique as your projects

by Jerry Townson 6. April 2016 12:28

Here at General Technics we specialize in building custom systems. Enclosures are just as unique as your projects. Every system is hand-built and every detail is double checked by our expert senior technicians for accuracy and quality before moving into the setup and testingphase.

Our team focuses on quality from start to finish. No system leaves our facility without first being fully qualified and tested.  Our expert technicians will take the time to install and update the proper drivers for your hardware configuration.  This takes the guesswork out of your computer installation, and ensures that each system arrives fully prepared for its intended service.

Upon request, any custom system or software may be pre-installed and additional setup procedures may be performed to prepare your systems for delivery and installation in the field. We will pre-install the operating system and configure it immediate deployment at the destination.  

Additionally, if there is any application specific software that needs to be installed and configured, we can fully prepare and test those as well according to your guidelines and instructions. Allowing General Technics to manage the complete integration and setup saves your team or technicians valuable time, eliminates any setup errors you may encounter, and ensures that each system meets our high standards for quality.  Your machines will arrive clean, fingerprint-free, fully tested, and ready to be powered on for service.

If you’re not certain everything involved or what you may require for your system, the experts at General Technics can help you figure it out. Utilize our experts and put their experience to work for you and see what develops!


Call today and see how General Technics can streamline your setup, eliminate errors, and reduce your labor costs at installation.




Small Form Factor Case

by Jerry Townson 7. October 2013 20:15

For those who want computing power that occupies less space on a desk or shelf, the small form factor case is ideal. Small form factor computers give you plenty of storage and processing speed for your important tasks, but they don’t waste space with add-ons and components that you may never use. They are lightweight and often sleek and modern in design. Depending on your unique computing needs, a small form case may be your best choice.

Small form factor machines weren’t very popular among the public until 2005, when Apple introduced its Mac Mini; since then, many PC manufacturers have introduced small form factor systems that vary in size (micro, mini, nano and even pico) and shape (shoebox, cubic, and mini-tower “bookshelf”). Despite the variation in how the category is defined, small form factor computers share certain characteristics, such as relatively low prices, efficient power usage and, of course, a size that is far smaller than a standard desktop PC case.

Small form factor PCs are great for use at LAN parties and for home theater setups since they are portable and unobtrusive; some of these machines even come with built-in handles for added carrying convenience. This type of computer is also perfect if you need powerful computing for your rackmount system but space is at a premium. Small form factor case options for rackmount setups include more than enough processing power and all the necessary drives and outputs you may require, yet they can be just 13 inches deep, ensuring as little space as possible is wasted.

Note: When selecting a small form case, it’s also important to consider the right power supply for your situation. Some power supplies are designed to run quite efficiently and take up very little room, so if your rackmount computing setup is tight, you should look into a power supply that’s up to the task. 

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